Artwork by Mahbube Ebrahimi

A message to young people

Things have been very tough for everyone since the rise of Covid-19 last year. But unfortunatelly coronavirus is not the only issue that Greece has to deal with. Injustice prevails everywhere and there is no escape from it.

During the past year we have witnessed many tragic events and it is really saddening to know that in order to protect ourselves from police oppression we have to abide and conform to regulations that go against our rights of freedom. Therefore this situation is not a light one, it is one where we need to raise our voices and show our vehement condemnation.

We have to make a change so that our children can grow up in a world that is surrounded by love and acceptance, not by hatred and racism. The society that we are all part of is built on stereotypes and I firmly believe that it is time to tear this apart, otherwise nothing is ever going to improve.

I would like to address the issue of police brutality which is getting out of hand each day that passes by. It is a proven fact that the authorities treat every minority with contempt. In 2020, dozens of refugees were mistreated, humiliated and abused by policemen and security guards. Peacefull protesters and innocent citizens are getting beaten up by the riot police every day, simply because they have the courage to stand up for themselves. Black lives are threatened, members of the LGBTQ+ community are being laughed at and assaulted in many ways, people of other religions, such as Muslims, are afraid to express their opinions publicly because they are thought to be ”dangerous”, while the goverment does absolutely nothing to make these people feel accepted and welcomed.

That is why it is imperative that we, teenagers, speak up and make our voices heard! We have to demand equality. No matter the obstacles and despite our differences, we all have to stick together. Let’s unite our hands and create a fist that is powerfull enough and will fight in order to supress prejudice once and for all!

Do not let hate grow between on another, because after all, we are all in the same boat, breathing the same air, dealing with the same global issues. In a world full of darkness, we, young people, are the ones who have to remain bright and spread light wherever and whenever possible.

My motto: Compassion For Others!

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