Summer in Congo: Nature like you’ve never seen before

I cannot think about summer without bringing my homeland, Congo DRC, to mind. The Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) is a country in Central Africa and the largest country in sub -Saharan Africa.

Known as one of the most beautiful countries for tourism, the DRC offers you the pleasure of seeing and getting to know nature as you’ve never known before. It has blue seas and mountains that everyone would want to climb, in order to take pictures and keep them as souvenirs.

When summer arrives, the country is even prettier. In this period the flowers grow and nature becomes more humid and warmer at the same time. Temperature is around 30oC, which people from DRC consider being a normal temperature.

During this same period, we take the opportunity to go to the sea, in order to swim in good and cold water. We also take care of our skin by catching the sun.

In terms of food, we eat similar dishes as we do during the other seasons. What probably changes is that we start to consume a lot of drinks, like Nsamba and Kisangua, which are made with natural roots and water.

In terms of clothing, we change our way of dressing up and we go from heavy and long clothes to softer and shorter clothes.

For those who are thinking of visiting Congo in the summer, I have two amazing places to recommend:

Lake Kivu: A natural beauty, this lake is located in the province of Kivu, it has a very beautiful view and it is a nice place to get to know and explore.

Virunga National Park: Like all nature parks, Virunga has a variety of flora you can admire, but it is famous for something more special. In this great natural park gorillas who live there are very friendly and have a strong connection, a connection that you would have never imagined.

These are choices that visitors but also local people make when spending summertime in my country. People enjoy the great natural beauty that DRC offers.

Stephane Kimbeni

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