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Let migration teach you how to succeed

Maybe life will make you take hard decisions for the sake of your dreams and future. And maybe migration is one of those decisions. You might come across difficulties, and that will happen for sure when you have to stay far from your homeland, family and friends, and away from the environment that is most familiar to you.

Migration is a different way of life, another world that will teach you so many new things. When you are away from your home and family and living in a totally new world, it is as if you have been born again and you must learn pretty much everything from the beginning, though this time differently.

You will learn on your own. You will be your own man. In other words, you will be entirely responsible for all your decisions, despite how tough or difficult they are, but at the same time, they will teach you and make you stronger. Don’t regret any decision you made but didn’t work out for you, because you will have learnt something from it. All decisions or mistakes in our lives make us more mature and experienced. When this happens, try to gather strength and become resilient, so that you don’t give up.

Get up, start learning to study and discover how you can increase your knowledge. Use your time to improve yourself. This will help you gather experience and knowledge.

Even in your social life, something that is very important, you will form different types of relationships, but regardless of the form or type of each one of those, don’t waste your time with people that you don’t have things in common with. Instead, invest your time and feelings only in people that respect you and provide support, positivity and love. It is something you will need in your new life away from your family and home.

Rashed Dabwan

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