War and recruitment steal the dreams of youth

Ever since their wars began, people in Palestine, Yemen, Syria, Iraq and other countries have endured much sorrow. Poverty and unemployment leave a bitter taste, as does war.

As we wrote in the previous issue of “Migratory Birds”, roughly one child in ten is forced to work. Even worse is the mandatory recruitment that takes place during these tragic wars, which involve only innocent people, because it destroys the dreams of those that are too young to take part them. These are wars conducted by politicians whose only aim is to make money. They spill innocent blood, and they destroy childhood and the future of children and young people.

I come from Yemen. I was there during the war and saw with my own eyes groups of people taking under-age young men from their homes, or from in front of schools and universities, forcing them to enlist in order to support their religion, liberate their country and spread the kind of peace that suits their personal and material interests.

Once recruited, the young men are taught unmentionable things related to martial arts and war equipment. In order to be done well, these normally require intensive training and years of experience. Not to mention the stimulants and drugs…

The youths are then sent to the front line. The fate that awaits them there is not good. If they die fighting, there is nobody to recover their bodies. They are left there, at the mercy of woodland predators.

Rashed Dabwan

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