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The danger of modern fascism

Fascism and racism are political ideologies that remain a significant concern in today’s society. Even though we live in the 21st century the number of right-winged people in Europe grows steadily.

Before drawing attention to our situation today, we need to take a closer look at the past.

Fascism is a political movement that was founded in the 20th century in Italy. It represents right-winged extremist, racist and xenophobic thoughts. The fascist movement was founded by the Italian dictator Benito Mussolini, who was responsible for the death of hundreds of thousands of people. There was not only the Italian fascist movement, but also the Spanish Franguism and the German Nazism. People were expelled, tortured and killed. One of their main goals was to abolish democracy and set up a dictatorship.

Today there are hundreds of movements that stand up against racism and fascism in different ways. Some of them are very well known and widespread all over the world, like black lives matter or antifascist action.

Antifascist action is represented in many countries, especially in Europe. It’s a left winged movement against antisemitism, ethnic nationalism and also right-winged historical revisionism. Additionally, they stand up against racism and neo-nazism. Although, it supports cosmopolitanism and left-wing ideas the so called “antifa” is often criticized by politicians and parts of the populations because of their way of protesting.

A world in which all of us are thinking anti-fascist and anti-racist is sadly unthinkable at this time. The number of right-wing extremist groups and parties has increased as well.

When we analyze the current political situation in Europe it’s pretty obvious that more and more Governments represent some values of fascists and racists. The Swedish government works together with the right-winged populist party “Sveridgedemoraterna”. Poland is governed by the right-winged party “Pis” and Hungary by the right-winged populist party “Fidese”. Italy’s Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni and her post-fascist party “Fratelli di Italia” shows that fascism still exists in Italy. The right-wing pressure in Spain is also advancing.

This political problem remains a danger for our general democracy even though the limit of abolishing a democracy has not yet been crossed.

It is unbelievable how Europe is increasingly moving in the right-wing direction when you think of the terrible political situation 80 years ago. Unfortunately, racism is not only coming from extremist groups anymore but also from the center of society.

The past should never repeat itself and it is up to us what the future will look like.

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