Why most Afghans can’t return home

According to a speech by the Minister of Refugee and Repatriation of Afghanistan, Noor Rahman Akhlaqi, there are about 6.5 million displaced Afghans living outside the country.  2.5 million of these have moved legally, while the rest are living illegally in neighbouring countries or in countries far away. It is obvious that all they want is a peaceful life, which is a basic human right.  Among all Afghans, the most vulnerable of all, not just due to war but for many other reasons, are Afghan migrants. 

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Afghanistan wants migrants to return home and he is trying is very best to achieve this. However, he has placed certain conditions before he allows them back: they must have education and training,  be able to offer some kind of skill, they need to have a job waiting for them and a place to live. Finally, they must not threaten or sabotage efforts for peace and stability in Afghanistan. 

We have all seen the recent deadly attacks on schools and universities that have claimed the lives of many of our compatriotsNor can we go back as things stand now. We ask the international community and the European Union to do what they can to help us. Europe is the first choice of destination for Afghan migrants.   

When Europeans decide to send back or deport Afghans, we would ask them not to do it by force. We have been watching the war in Afghanistan for several years now, and there are many reasons behind it: ethnicity, politics, religion, race, and fanaticism on the part of the Taliban and Daesh. 

Children, young people, and our dear parents have faced many difficulties on their journey to their country of destination. We lost our homes and everything we had and it isn’t possible to just get them back whenever we want to.  We have been through so much that we don’t have any more strength in our bodies to carry any more burdens. We ask European leaders to continue their humanitarian help and do all they can to help us. 

Afghan migrants and refugees are to be found primarily in Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, Indonesia and Greece 

I am an Afghan migrant myself.  As things stand, I can’t go back home. 

Jan Mohammed Mohammadi

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